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    Hello Asgardians,

    Today I'd like to announce the unveiling of our latest feature,

    What is an honorary plot?
    An honorary plot will be a plot that will be kept throughout one reset, And then you will have to apply again for the next reset, obviously all the ways of storing items will be removed and/or checked. Abuse of this system will lead to punishments.

    Why have we added them?
    As a staff team, we find going through the plot world and finding out all the custom builds around there all look really nice, furthermore we also know how much of an annoyance resetting the server is, and therefore we wanted to smooth over the transition, Obviously if you wanted to restart your plot you could and between resets you could develop it and make it look cooler, We just thought it would be a nice integration into the server to keep some of the amazing builds you guys do on the server and in the process of doing that make the transition between server versions easier.

    How to apply
    Create a forum post showing off pictures of your plot, Make sure to include a section which tells us the name, and plot ID. The plot can only consist of 1 plot and 1 player, but you will be able to add more after the reset (No merged plots).
    Furthermore the plot also needs to look good as it needs to pass the test and be worth making honorary. Honorary plots will also be the plots featured around the spawn doors.

    Thank you
    - Asgard Staff Team
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